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where enemies

just don't exist

Friends Campers!
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This Community is the Friends Camp Community. Please feel free and welcome to join if you are a Camper, Incoming camper, Ex-camper, Staff, Etc. We are a Quaker Camp, located in South China, Maine.

If you feel inspired to share pictures with the completely awesome community- do. But just make sure to use a live journal cut, in the process of posting pictures. If your not sure how to use an lj-cut, ask around. It's really easy.

Please fill out the following information after you join, were interested in when you went, etc. We like to remember and share memories. Thanks.

First and last name:
Your age:
What session(s) you attended:
What cabins you've been in
Where do you live:
What years you went to fc:
How you heard about Fc:
Hug or Handshake?
A (or some) pictures from fc if you have any:

The Mod's of this community are Nina Sullivan and Emily Abbott

Also, if your looking for Camp Pictures then check out Uncle Jeff's marvelous website:

Make sure to respect his photographs!

Thank you, peace.