_rifiutilove (_rifiutilove) wrote in fc_representin,

word UP

First and last name: Mary Hackett
Your age: 16
What session(s) you attended: 2nd and 3rd baby!!
What cabins you've been in: Hmm.. alright, Snipe, Loon, Whipppporwhil, Loon, Dove, Eagle, Lark, and Pheonix for one GLORIOUS night!
Where do you live: Porltand Maine!
What years you went to fc: 7 of them. '99-'05
How you heard about Fc: I think we googled it? Or some weird camp book, and I almost didn't go! ah intense!!
Hug or Handshake? Hug!
A (or some) pictures from fc if you have any: i have a bunch, but need to scan them all.. soo later!
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