captain underpants (____ondeck) wrote in fc_representin,
captain underpants

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first and last name: nina sullivan
your age: 16
what session(s) you attended:
2000- 2nd session
2001- 2nd session
2002- 3rd session
2003- 3rd session
2004- 3rd session
2005- (will be my last year as a camper) 3rd and 4th hopefully
where you live: newton, massachusettes
what years you went to fc: 00-04 (05 will be my last)
how you heard about fc: my cousin peter went to fc. but hes around 32 now.
a (or some) pictures from fc if you have any: check my lj. if your not listed as one of my friends, it will show up as my only public entry. feel free to snag up as many as wanted. just give me a heads up. i have a digital camera, so i took a lot of i can't really post them all up here. perhaps when i have more time and pacience i'll post them here. ah. that sounded snooty.

..blooopers i ddin't put that in an lj cut. whatever, were all friends here!
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