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There is a site for online graffiti: http://www.drawball.com/

Go to this link and click disagree (this is extremely confusing - to enter the site, you have to click disagree)

Once it loads, find the Yoshi on the bottom of the circle. Click in the area to his right. This will zoom you in. Find the white skull on a blue background (It's small). Under and to the right of that is a small yellow FC on a black background (done earlier today by me and e_n_a) (wow, that rhymed).

UPDATE: new link takes you straight to the tag: http://www.drawball.com/owuj7L


DrawBall allocates a small amount of ink to each person who goes on the site. It keeps track of your ink using your IP address. Since we each don't get a lot of ink, it is hard for one person alone to create something amazing. However, if we organize, plan, and follow through, we can make a relatively large and complex picture of something iconic to FC, such as a vespers landscape, or the lower cabins, or the pond.

If you are interested in doing this, we have to consider:

a) what to draw (obvious)
b) how to delegate the tasks - we are all of different levels of competence. For example, I suck at drawing, but I kick ass at coloring within the lines. Maybe we could have some people draw details and others (like me) shade and color them in, or perhaps we can just lay down an outline and have everybody do whatever they can. Enough about this
c) how to preserve it - Unfortunately, DrawBall is full of assholes who go and trash other people's work. We should have people watch over our drawing and be there to fix it when some idiot trashes it.

Ink regenerates slowly - it can take a several days to refill the bottle and you only get 15% the first time you go to the site. If you are interested, throw out some ideas and we can start planning it from there. In the meanwhile, go to the site so you can get your 15% and you can start storing and stockpiling the ink.

You can contact me through commenting, IM, email (drew[at]dzhome.net), phone (8609222355), telepathy, telegram, or smoke signal.
Drew "The Camper formerly but-not-anymore-or-else-he-might-get-very-very-uptight called Beaver" Zaslavsky
FC 1999-2006
2nd-3rd (this year)
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