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4th 2005

Adina said that the pot of "sludge" I drank seven and a half hours ago is approximately equal to 20 cups of regular coffee. I really don't care, because it was good, even black. Actually, good is too weak a word to describe the way in which it made me forget what i was missing. The high is wearing off, the energy isn't. I probably won't sleep for another day or so.

A brief summary of 4th session:
Stairway/All around the Watchtower medley on accordion and guitar
Kissing Rugby
Norwiegian Bulldog
Club le' Shark
Dinosaurs of the Future
Heroes in a Halfshell
"Noah Wagner" x 104
Allon Story Dubler and his Golden Accordion
"Poop?!? Goddamn it is," I say as I sit in mad dog poop.
Fuego Fuego (Energy, energy, energy, energy.......)
Out-heisting heist
Ice Ice Baby
Hotel California
Hotel California en espanol
Circle Tag
Aliens VI
Wayne's World
Your Mom
The Cub Scout Troop Leader Handbook ("Monkey in the middle shall be played by three persons....")
Hay fights
Pie for breakfast
Eagle count-off

I know I've missed things.... feel free to add on.....

bummed about missing the last night......
dunno if I'll be back next year.........
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